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About the Owners

Reward and rejuvenate your mind, body spirit and senses


The correlation of the peaceful movements and precise body maintenance of Pilates mixed with a setting of art depicting serene scenes and motions with a color palette to create warmth and to motivate seemed only too apparent.


About the Owners:

Lizbeth Garcia

A native of San Diego , has been teaching fitness for the past 15 years and has gained wide recognition for her "On The Ball Pilates," workout video for beginners, Voted No . 1 Pilates Video of The Year 2005 by Health Magazine . Lizbeth's accomplishments include Harper Bazaar's Rancho La Puerta Spa: Bottom Line Workout DVD, Crunch "Fat Burning Blast" Voted Top 10 Videos in 2006, Shape Magazine's SHAPE Pilates "Firm Up from Head to Toe" and SHAPE Pilates "Shape Up your abs, butt and thighs -FAST" for Breast Cancer Research's "Pilates for Pink" workout videos , 10 Minute Solution's Prenatal Pilates and co-star of " Totalmete En Forma" Spanish language fitness TV show for ESPN Int'l. Lizbeth's Pilates expertise has been featured in health and fitness publications such as Shape, Fitness, Self, Pilates Style and published by Fair Winds Press in her first book title, "101 Ways to Burn Fat On The Ball. With certifications by the Pilates Method Alliance, Body Arts and Sciences Int'l, Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, Lizbeth's passion for helping instructors and students reach their goals will continue to grow as Faculty Member with Balanced Body University at her studio, Tilcia Studios - Pilates - Art - Lifestyle located in San Diego , CA . For more information about BBU Pilates certification and Private Pilates with Lizbeth click here    (Personal web site - www.lizbethgarcia.com )

Pete Tillack

Pete was born and grew up in the beautiful land of Australian.
While life as an electrician was fine, he found the urge to experience more in life. His love of surfing and being in the ocean led him over seas, which, then turned into a ten year hiatus from the normal 9-5 lifestyle that he grew up around.
Filling passports and tasting cultures that most would never know, Tillack's life had no boundaries and so the freedom and happiness that surrounded him allowed many opportunities to be seen. He found an untapped creative ability while on one of his roads, which drew him to chase the life of an artist here in the US. In many ways, this still allows him to escape what many call the normal 9-5 regime that he had started with. Although sometimes he is now controlled by his needs to constantly create, although there is no better way to live life. It is on this path that Pete and Liz met, fell in love and follow/share both their passions - Tilcia (Tillack - Garcia) is the proof of that.

Tillack's art is heavily influenced by his adventures, portraying scenes of serenity thru realism and fine rendering. Once affiliated with the San Diego Art Institute  as a co-moderate for "The Gathering" a public program for local artists, Tillack is also a well- known, and a familiar face in many highly rated Californian art events with such titles as  'featured artist' under his belt and has had many featured articles in well known national publications that feature his work, and his many contributions to the environment. He know travels from coast to coast to the many galleries that represent his work to show case is talents.

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Personal web site www.petetillack.com


Directions from I-5 coming from the North
1: Take EXIT 23 toward CA-274 / BALBOA AVE / GARNET AVE.
1: Merge onto MISSION BAY DR.
3: Turn RIGHT onto GRAND AVE.
4: Turn RIGHT onto Cass St.
5: End at 4645 Cass St Pacific Beach, CA 92109
(opposite Pacific Beach Post Office)

Directions from I-5 coming from the South
1: Take EXIT 23A toward GRAND AVE / GARNET AVE.
1: Merge onto MISSION BAY DR.
4: Turn RIGHT onto Cass St.
5: End at 4645 Cass St Pacific Beach, CA 92109
(opposite Pacific Beach Post Office)


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