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Tilcia studios - specializing in pilates
crunch fat burning blast with Lizbeth Garcia
crunch fat burning blast

Shape Pilates: Workout, Firm Up From Head to Toe  with Lizbeth Garcia
Shape Pilates: Workout, Firm Up From Head to Toe

Shape Pilates Workout: Makeover Your Your Abs, Butt and Thighs Fast! with Lizbeth Garcia
Shape Pilates Workout: Makeover Your Your Abs, Butt and Thighs Fast!

10 min solution Prenatal pilates with Lizbeth Garcia
10 min solution Prenatal pilates

101 ways to burn fat by Lizbeth Garcia
101 ways to burn fat
              (in English)

video and DVD On the Ball Pilates with Lizbeth Garcia
On the Ball DVD
              (in English)

On The Ball Pilates Workout for beginners with Lizbeth Garcia

Lengthen, Strengthen and Tone
with this unique and effective approach to transforming your body. Why has Pilates become so popular?
Because it works! Instructor Lizbeth Garcia fuses Pilates with the Stability Ball to give you a practice that you can enjoy for life. All you need is your ball!

Working with the combination of Pilates and the stability ball allows for a fluid, centering practice that will quickly result in improved posture and centering as well as a strong and toned body. To ensure maximum results, Lizbeth provides precise alignment instruction and encourages you to listen to your body and take your time as you move through each exercise.

Interview with Lizbeth Garcia Star of On the Ball Pilates by All Spirit Fitness

San Diego's Leader
Specializing in Private and Duet Pilates
‘We design the work out specifically for your individual health and fitness needs and goals’

Tilcia Pilates Studios
ph: 858.490.0513
4655 Cass Street suite 101
San Diego, CA. 92109
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